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Twine Game Reflection

My main role in creating the twine game was to create the story. I needed to establish a backstory and key character conflicts for the main character in order to progress the theme of hopelessness, perseverance, drama, and conflict during quarantine. We decided to focus on the story of the game first, and then weContinue reading “Twine Game Reflection”

Visual Note Taking

I don’t really think of myself as an abstract person, so it was hard for me to really write notes down as pictures. I mostly put down how I felt during class and tried to include pictures of some of the things we learned. I slept really late on Sunday, so waking up early inContinue reading “Visual Note Taking”

Podcast Reflection

There was a lot that went into planning our podcast episode, Survival in Minecraft and in Quarantine. Since we were the first group to create a podcast episode, we did not really have much to go off of. We wanted to focus on what made Minecraft such a successful game, and what aspects of itContinue reading “Podcast Reflection”

GRIS liveblog

Watched the opening sequence: The game started with a woman falling after a hand collapsed. This is most likely symbolism to life failing her and collapsing on her in some way. The first part of the game is meant to represent the first stage of grief, denial. This is seen in her arched back, lowContinue reading “GRIS liveblog”

Sweet Sixteen

I started this assignment by trying to find interesting things around my room. I looked at some participation trophies, but that wouldn’t work. I then looked at a Rubix cube, some pencils, and school supplies. Nothing really stood out to me until I saw my block puzzle. One of those puzzles where you have toContinue reading “Sweet Sixteen”

Whats in my Bag?

Item 1: Folder I do not really keep much stuff in this folder considering all my classes are online and I do not get physical paper. Item 2: Notebooks I write most of my notes in these two books. They are for chemistry in math. At this point I can not tell which one isContinue reading “Whats in my Bag?”


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