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Paper musicaly thrown into a bin

I honestly had a hard time thinking what the most spectacular way to through crunched up paper into a bin. I knew I wanted to through it over my shoulder, but the rest was not very clear to me. It took me some time to decide my best course of action was to play the clarinet before I threw my paper.

In real life, my through would have been spectacular. The piece I played was called Misty by Eroll Garner. It is an incredibly sentimental piece, full of emotion. The tone of my clarinet was great, and the embellishments I added were well placed. Unfortunately, a smartphone is not the best way to record sound, so that aspect of the video was diminished. I think my over the shoulder through was pretty great considering I had to catch the ball and throw it in the direction of the bin without looking. All in all, I think my throw was pretty nice. 

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