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Whats in my Bag?

Item 1: Folder

I do not really keep much stuff in this folder considering all my classes are online and I do not get physical paper.

Item 2: Notebooks

I write most of my notes in these two books. They are for chemistry in math. At this point I can not tell which one is which.

Item 3: Clarinet reeds

I keep my clarinet reeds in my backpack in case I need them. I keep them in a zip lock bag in order to preserve the humidity.

Item 4: Graphing calculator

I use this graphing calculator for my math class. I lost the normal cover for it, so I decided to get one with musical notes on it.

Item 5: Writing utensils

These should be in everyones bag. I tried to keep a small amount.

Item number 6: Fidget spinner

This has been in my bag ever since the fidget spinner phase, and I never really took it out.

Item number 7: Small Rubix Cube

I do not really know how to solve one, but I keep it in there in case anyone does.

My idea for organizing my items was simplicity. I keep a very organized bag, and I do not have any unnecessary items in there besides the fidget spinner and the Rubix cube, which I do not mind leaving in. I put those two items next to each other. I organized all the writing utensils in one pile and put the reeds sightly above it. My graphing calculator was neatly put under the utensils. I decided to put the orange folder inclined against the backpack because I did not want the picture to be too perfect, as I am not too perfect. The picture I created is simple and organized with a hint of disorderliness. To me what was challenging in this assignment was figuring out what aspect of myself I wanted to portray in the picture. I decided that the easiest one would be simplicity and neatness because those are traits you can also find in a bag. This assignment would represent writing. I believe anything that uses symbols to convey a message or idea can be considered meaningful writing, and that is what is being done in the assignment. We are explaining the meaningful placement of items, and what they represent.

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