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I started watching the anime Demon Slayer a few weeks ago, and the protagonist really inspired me. He is a character I aspire to be like, so I decided to make him my avatar. The anime starts with his whole family getting killed by demons, and his sister as the only survivor. She was not human, however, but was turned into a demon. Despite this, and despite her not being herself. Tanjuro (the protagonist) still stays with her, and devotes his life to trying to turn her back into a human. Throughout the whole anime tanjuro gives out kindness without the expecting anything in return, and his braveness and selflessness is somethin I inspire to have.

The main difficulty in creating the badge was getting to be a perfect square. I had to crop the edges continuously. Another challange was chosing color that did not look of place in the image, but also was visible. I chose white on green because it fit the best.

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