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Litteracy Narative Process

I actually quite enjoyed writing this piece. The recent few months have been so abnormal, that it was nice looking back into the past, although it was not that normal either. I relished reliving the early memories I had with reading, and the ones I had with my frinds in my ESL class, some of which I am still good friends with. It was definanlty tough trying to remeber things that happened so long ago, especially the feeling I had during those moments, but since they were very important to me, they were still somewhere in my head. This wasn’t one of those writing pieces where I took many breaks in between, which I often do. I wrote my litteracy narative in one piece. This is probably because I actually had a lot to say about my reading background, and have not really thought about it in a long time. This was deffinantly one of those assignments that I am relly glad I got to do.

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